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Metal Cleaner HF

FoundryGeneral® Metal Cleaner HF is a version of FoundryGeneral® Metal Cleaner CM with a higher flash point.


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Product Description

FoundryGeneral® Metal Cleaner HF is a non-chlorinated blend of ingredients parting formulated for cleaning tooling and core boxes in the foundry industry. This unique formula is effective in cleaning even the most complex core box designs. Due to its relatively slow evaporation rate, FoundryGeneral® Metal Cleaner HF remains active on the contaminated surface for long periods of time, making it more effective than other cleaners. FoundryGeneral® Metal Cleaner HF is designed for “on-line” Cold Box tool maintenance.

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  • Appearance:Clear, light amber liquid
  • pH:NA
  • VOC:7.8 lbs/gal
  • Density:8.1 lbs/gal
  • Flash Point:145°F (minimum, TCC)

FoundryGeneral® Metal Cleaner HF is used as received. It can be applied using either spray or brush applications. To provide proper removal, it is recommended that the product be allowed to set for a period of approximately three (3) to ten (10) minutes, depending on the severity and thickness of the resin to be removed. Due to the relatively slow evaporation rate, when compared to Methylene Chloride based formulas, additional care or air blow off may be necessary before resuming production. Please refer to the MSDS for proper safety instructions.

Effective resin removal

Product is combustible, avoid heat, sparks and open flames. Avoid strong oxidizing agents (i.e. bleach) and strong acids.

FoundryGeneral® Metal Cleaner HF is shipped in metal pails and drums.

Note: The information presented herein is our interpretation of certain test results and field experience to date. The information is not to be taken as warranty or representation for which we assume legal responsibility, nor as permission or recommendation to practice any patented invention without a license. It is offered solely for your consideration, investigation and verification.


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