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Incast Clean 5798 Wax Pattern Cleaner/Etch

FoundryGeneral® Incast Clean 5798 has been formulated for the investment casting industry to remove any residual release agent from wax patterns while etching the patterns to provide better adhesion of ceramic coatings.


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Product Description

Incast Clean 5798 Wax Pattern Cleaner/Etch

preparation is an important step in the investment casting process. If the wax surface is not clean, the final casting surface will show defects. If slurry is unable to adhere to the wax surface, the final casting can have lifting defects, cracking and run-outs. A good wax cleaner will clean the surface of the wax, quickly drain off the wax and lightly etch the wax surface to provide a means of slurry adhesion. FoundryGeneral® Incast Clean 5798 wax cleaner fits perfectly into any working environment where safety, environmental and performance are important goals. FoundryGeneral® Incast Clean 5798 is a microemulsion designed to optimize cleaning capabilities and product life while helping to reduce VOCs and personnel safety issues. The superior cleaning performance and pleasant citrus scent make FoundryGeneral® Incast Clean 5798 a natural solution to your wax cleaning needs.

FoundryGeneral® Incast Clean 5798 removes silicone oil or other release agents from wax patterns prior to application of the primary ceramic coat. FoundryGeneral® Incast Clean 5798 is biodegradable and also acts as an etching material for the wax pattern while it cleans off the release agent. This allows for better slurry adhesion during application of the primary coats, thus reducing opportunities for casting defects related to shell buckling or lifting.

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FoundryGeneral® Incast Clean 5798 can be used as received for difficult to release patterns that require a heavy coat of release agent or for patterns that have difficult part geometry. FoundryGeneral® Incast Clean 5798 can also be diluted to 25% concentration for normal use. A typical process application is as follows:

Agitated immersion in FoundryGeneral® Incast Clean 5798 for 30 seconds. This time may vary depending upon part geometry or the amount of release agent to be removed.
Agitated immersion in ambient temperature water for 15 seconds in an overflow tank.
Agitated immersion in ambient temperature water for 15 seconds in a second overflow tank.
Please refer to the MSDS for proper safety instructions.