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Green Sand Parting 101

Product Description

FoundryGeneral® Green Sand Parting 101 offers excellent release with all types of automatic molding machines. A single application will last a number of cycles without loss in parting strength. This provides good economics as less total material is required for consistent results. In some applications, up to 50% has been effectively used. FoundryGeneral® Green Sand Parting 101 has an extremely low cloud point which gives it excellent cold weather properties.

Appearance: clear, colorless to light amber
Odor: mild oil odor
Flash Point: 270°F
Density: 7.1 lbs/gal
VOC: Not determined
pH: NA

FoundryGeneral® Green Sand Parting 101 is used as received. Prior to application, patterns should be well cleaned of previous release agents and dirt through the use of a solvent. A light film of FoundryGeneral® Green Sand Parting 101 should be applied by spraying a mist onto the pattern. Avoid using too much, as it will eventually lead to a sticky film. Reapply as needed. Please refer to the MSDS for proper safety instructions.

Inhibits corrosion of metal patterns
Will not build up on metal patterns unless too much is used
Will not attack the sand clay bond when used as recommended
If sprayed every mold cycle, less parting is needed per mold

Avoid strong oxidizing agents (i.e. bleach), strong reducing agents, strong bases (i.e. ammonia) and soft metals such as aluminum.
Sand Casting Parting Release,Green Sand Casting Supplies, Sand Casting for Automatic Molding Machine SHIPPING:
FoundryGeneral® Green Sand Parting 101 is shipped in metal pails and drums.

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